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Cyber Security


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Our professional cyber security, privacy and resilience consulting services are always tailored to your organisations needs to ensure that what we do is effective and delivers value. All our consultants are industry experts who are totally independent and have experience of delivering effective proven results.

Service Overview

Our cyber and information security consulting services cover a variety of areas including but not limited to the following:

  • Developing organisational security strategy and plans to ensure all security efforts deliver true business value
  • Providing professional penetration testing services covering applications, infrastructure, physical security and
    social engineering
  • Conducting cyber and information security risk assessments
  • Cloud Security ensuring your organisation can gain all the benefits of the cloud whilst managing risks
  • Leading clients to certification to recognised standards such as ISO 27001, Cyber Essentials, NIST and PCI-DSS
  • Providing security architecture and design services across the technology stack
  • Ensuring robust security surrounding cardholder data with our Payment Card Industry – Data Security Standard
    (PCI-DSS) expertise
  • Leading policy developments efforts to ensure security policy is effective and aligned to business objectives
  • Ensuring web and mobile applications are protected against potential attacks with our design and testing services
  • Supporting clients in meeting HMG security requirements including accreditation
  • Assisting health sector organisations to meet requirements such as the DSP Toolkit and NHS standards