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Our professional cyber security, privacy and resilience consulting services are always tailored to your organisations needs to ensure that what we do is effective and delivers value. All our consultants are industry experts who are totally independent and have experience of delivering effective proven results.

Service Overview

Our data protection and privacy services cover a variety of areas including but not limited to:

  • Designing Business Continuity Plans and associated procedures
  • Leading or facilitating the completion of Business Impact Assessments (BIA)
  • Testing Business Continuity Plans to confirm that they are effective and could actually work in a real world incident
  • Conducting risk assessments to ensure the key risks to the business are understood with necessary solutions
    identified and implemented
  • Developing IT Disaster Recovery Plans and designing resilient and robust information systems
  • Ensuring Emergency Response Plans and Crisis Management Plans are effective and are aligned to business
  • Preparing our clients to be certified to standards such as ISO 22301

Business Benefits

Business Benefits of Business Resilience and Continuity include:

Clear plans for organisations to continue operating in adverse circumstances

Ability to continue meeting the demands and requirements of your customers

Opportunity to boost customer confidence and enhance your organisations reputation

Improve efficiency by gaining greater control and understanding of business processes.